LAWKI Seminar

Thursday, August 17, 2017

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

This event repeats By Day of Week on the third Thursday of the month.

"In this monthly workshop series, I will be speaking about various topics in regards to consciousness, and awareness of consciousness. Some of these topics include: mental/ physical/ spiritual health, diet/ food, permaculture, sovereignty, astrology, occult and esoteric information, and a lot more!

In the second half this workshop, we will open the floor for a group discussion. You can either share your insight and ideas, or you can just listen and observe. Here we can discuss ideas for current, or new, community events and projects as well.

The purpose of this gathering is to learn, and together, build ways to become the greatest version of ourselves, thus building a greater community, and a greater world.

All are welcome This is a platform where one can open up and share their ideas, questions, and comments. I've heard people say that 2 of the hardest things to talk about are religion and politics. Here we encourage it, and build upon it in a positive constructive way.

To learn more about LAWKI, and our events and projects, visit us on facebook at:"


I look forward to seeing you!




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