Cook Event Schedule

7:00 am Cooks’ arrive & set up - enter Washington Street via Hooper Avenue 
8:00 am Complimentary Breakfast in building behind Judging Tent
9:00 am Cooks’ Mandatory Meeting at Judging Tent
9:30 am Prep for ICS Red Chili, ICS Chili Verde & ICS Salsa
10:30 am Start stoves for ICS Chili Verde
11:00 am Festival OPENS to Public!
2018 Winners Ride of Fame in the Fire Truck!
12:00 noon Peoples Choice Chili and Salsa tasting BEGINS (12-4)
12:00 noon Start stoves for ICS Red Chili
12:30 pm Turn in ICS Salsa to Judging Tent
1:30 pm Turn in ICS Chili Verde to Judging Tent
3:00 pm Turn in ICS Red Chili to Judging Tent
4:00 pm Peoples Choice Chili and Salsa tasting ENDS
Turn in Peoples Choice ballots
4:30 pm Awards Announced!

chiliCook's Set-up

  • Each cook is allotted a 10’x10’ space street-side.
  • We suggest the following items for a basic setup: Propane stove only, Class ABC fire extinguisher, tables, chairs, canopy/tent, & decorations.
  • Have FUN, get creative, we judge on Best Booth!

chiliCook's Parking

  • We have a designated parking lot for your convenience behind the event location. Upon unloading your vehicle, please move your vehicle to the lot located behind Sovereign Bank.
  • How do you get here? Follow Washington Street going west; make a right turn onto Hyers Street and the first right into the parking lot. (Downtown Parking Map)